Pictou County is the perfect place to grow personally and professionally.


Working from home and looking to connect or for temporary or short-term office space? The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce is a resource for all sized-businesses, and is located in the Ignite building in New Glasgow where a collective of businesses and organizations are housed. This provides business owners or people looking for working space to network, make connections, or even rent a co-working space - it's a hub of activity and friendly folks looking to get to know you and your business.

With national and international companies operating from Pictou County, we’re always open for business.

Our community truly has something for everyone - whether it's connecting and making friends at the gym, your child's soccer game or something for yourself - we have it all! Through sports like pick-up hockey, pickleball, ultimate frisbee or our triathlete groups, or conversation circles at the library or other events through the Multi-Cultural Association of Pictou County, there's lots of ways for you to find your community. The trick is: putting yourself out there, which isn't always easy but your new friends and acquaintances are waiting to meet you!

Giving back
Known for our philanthropy and care for one another, Pictou County is a giving community with a reputation for generosity. We have a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations that support the well-being of our community, each with unique ways in which you can contribute or get involved. Volunteering your time can be an incredible way to establish yourself in the community and make meaningful connections and friendships. Connect with us to find ways in which you can share your time, abilities and passion with your new community.

Pictou County provides you with the opportunity to create a happy and healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy for many years to come.