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Shoppers in Nova Scotia are going to have to start bringing their own or purchasing available re-useable bags as of October 30, 2020.

Legislation was introduced in September 2019, banning single-use plastic bags to encourage waste reduction at the source and to help keep plastic out of our environment and landfills. The law applies to all businesses, not just grocery stores.

Many stores offer re-useable options (at a cost), and there are some exceptions. Businesses can still provide plastic bags for:

  • loose bulk items like fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains or candy
  • food or baked goods that aren’t pre-packaged
  • small hardware items like nails, nuts and bolts
  • frozen foods, meat, poultry or fish, whether it’s prepacked or not
  • prescription drugs from a pharmacy
  • products that can’t fit in a reusable bag
  • transporting dry cleaning
  • packaging medical supplies and health services
  • wrapping flowers or potted plants
  • protecting tires
  • transporting live fish