Gerry and Vivian cropped

1981 brought something to special to Pictou County: Dr. Gerry Farrell.

Along with his wife Vivian, Dr. Farrell came to Pictou County to join a family practice, and later as the palliative care physician at the Aberdeen Hospital. The couple welcomed two children, who grew up here, enjoying what Pictou County had to offer.

"I have had a long and rewarding career in medicine in Pictou County. I have always found the medical staff to be very collegial and helpful and welcoming to new physicians.”

- Dr. Gerry Farrell, retired family medicine and palliative care physician


Today, after a well-respected and storied 38-year career, he is enjoying his retirement, while continuing practice with locums both locally and provincially in palliative care.

Gerry and Vivian, decided to stay in Pictou County after retirement, a testament to the satisfaction of their lives here. The couple remains active in the community with a variety of volunteer activities, enjoy travelling, and spending time with their grandkids who they feel keep them young. When he is not doing locum work, Gerry is pursuing his photography, gardening and cooking interests.

Over his years of practice, Dr. Farrell worked with many physicians and has seen a large number of long-term practitioners in the county who have been mentors to newcomers and students, fostering a welcoming and friendly medical learning environment in Pictou County.

Starting practice before the introduction of modern technologies we use today, he has seen the medical care here evolve and kept up with the many changes in medicine. Dr. Farrell credits the modernization in part thanks to the incredible support of the Aberdeen Health Foundation, which he feels has been vital to recruitment of various specialty areas of practice.

Gerry reflected on what life is like outside of practice: "Pictou County has been a great place for my family to grow up in and go to school. The schools have always been progressive and many graduates of the system have made their mark in many and varied places both in Canada and abroad. There have been many opportunities for my wife to become involved in the life of the community as well as provincially. The arts have a large presence in our community, both visual and performing arts. We are fortunate to have two entertainment centers in the county, the deCoste Performing Arts Centre and the Glasgow Square Theatre. Also wellness has been enhanced by our wonderful Wellness Center which opened in 2010.”

We’re grateful that Gerry and Vivan continue to call Pictou County home.

Gerry’s work can be seen in the hallways of the main lobby at the Aberdeen Hospital as part of the Aberdeen Hospital Auxiliary’s fundraising project, Art on the Wall Gallery, where local artists feature their work which can also be purchased at the hospital gift shop. Gerry’s photos were also the basis for the beautiful glass designs in the hospital’s Palliative Care Unit.