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Founded in 2014, Pulse Pictou County is a new group for like-minded young people living and working in the area, the purpose to attract and retain a growing population of young working-age people in Pictou County, by making the area a more engaging place for young people to live and contribute. 

Over the past five years, the group has hosted a variety of events, social gatherings, education sessions, introductory nights to various sports, and much more. Pulse is a great way for people looking to connect with others, whether you're Pictou County born-and-raised or if you're new to the community.

Here's a bit more about Pulse Pictou County:
The 4 main pillars of Pulse are: 
Social, Community, Professional Development and Athletics and Wellness.

Vision: A Pictou County that is demographically balanced and economically sustainable, viewed by all as vibrant and filled with opportunity, shaped in part by the talent and energy of our members.

To develop a network of like-minded, young, working-age people in Pictou County, who actively contribute to the future success of our county, through social, professional, athletic, and community initiatives.

The group posts community events or events that they're hosting or co-hosting on their Facebook page HERE, or you can find them on Instagram @PulsePictou. If you're interested in seeing a certain event, or want some help promoting an event, or are new to the area or here for awhile and just want to meet some people, then Pulse is a great place to start!