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We're fortunate in Pictou County to have year-round beauty thanks to our hot summers (and beautiful beaches to dip in and cool off!) and picturesque winters, perfect for winter activities like snowshoeing, snowmobiling and skiing.

When we have visitors here we asked asked does it snow a lot and does it get cold? The answer: it absolutely does! If you ask us in the dead of winter when it's minus 20C, maybe we're not reflecting as fondly on the outdoors, but as long as you dress properly, you can find many ways to enjoy winter.

Enduring the sometimes chilly winter months are worth it for the hot summer days spent at the beach or on our lakes. In spring, things are thawing, plants, trees and lawns are coming back to life, and in the fall, the leaves are turning colours and make for beautiful sights.

With average summer temperatures of 25C in the summer, and ranges of -1C to -10C in the winter months, we find ways to keep cozy, cool off, or whatever is needed to enjoy our little neck of the woods!

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