You may have heard Pictou County is renowned for something interesting: it's pizza. 

Every where claims to have the best pizza, but there's something unique about pizza in Pictou County and it's in the sauce.

Where you'd typically expect a red tomato-based sauce, what's makes Pictou County pizza sauce so special is that it's brown sauce, with some delicious spices. Veggie pizza is always a great option, but for the meat lovers, you'll love that Pictou County pizza is topped with Chris Brothers Pepperoni. Locals will also tell you that it's best paired with donair sauce, a sweet dipping sauce that pairs well with a big slice of brown-sauced pizza. 

Those working or living away from home often crave the delightful large slices of the brown sauce pizza, in fact, it's even been shipped across the country (Yes, it's that good and it's worth it!). Check out this story from CBC in 2013 about the famous pizza being shipped out to Fort McMurray: Pictou County's 'brown sauce' pizza shipped to Fort McMurray. 

Now where to find a slice to give it a try? We've got a few options including:  

  • Alice’s (Blue Acres, New Glasgow)
  • Andre’s (Stellarton)
  • Acropole New Glasgow, Acropole Westville, Acropole Pictou
  • Sam’s in Trenton, Sam’s in Stellarton
  • Pictou County Pizza (Abercrombie)

Pictou County Pizza has even found it's way onto menu's in Halifax, and out in Calgary for those longing for that special taste of home. 

The sauce is such a hit that you can even buy it in the jar (Pictou County Pizza and Sams Pizza Sauce) at Sobeys or in-store, or by the Jug (Venture to Sams Stellarton for this kind!).

You can take our word for it, or the next time you're craving a slice or venturing to Pictou County, we invite you to give one of our world-famous slices a try!