In our community, recycling, composting and waste collection is managed by Pictou County Solid Waste

If you're new to Canada, Nova Scotia, or even to our area, you may have some questions about how to properly sort your waste, when it's collected (it's bi-weekly here in our community!), or have questions about dropping items at the waste management facility: Pictou County Solid Waste is here to help with that! 69747089 2386033658100758 6428806391246356480 n

On their website you're able to do things like explore fees, guidelines for sorting waste (they even have a spot where you can input your item which will tell you how to sort it!), request a green bin (for compost) if yours is missing or damaged, check out some FAQs or events that they have planned.

If you need a friendly reminder of your collection day, or notifications for storm or holiday collections, or just quick access to a sorting guide - there's an app for that! Simply search 'Pictou County Solid Waste' in the Apple Store, or on Google Play.

Pictou County Solid Waste also is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure that you have the tools and information you need to feel supported as we work to ensure proper waste management!