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July 15, OCEARCH Facebook page: White shark Teazer has rounded Cape Breton and is now pinging between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. It’s the same area we know white shark Jane visited last year. It’s very exciting to start getting some pings from this area.

It may sound like a scene out of Jaws (but not that scary!), but yes, we have sharks in our waters here in Nova Scotia!

Shark sightings off our coast spark both fear and excitement, though you don't have too much to worry about.

Thanks to OCEARCH, you can actually see the sharks that have come to visit our waters. OCEARCH is a non-profit organization and a recognized world leader in generating critical scientific data related to tracking and biological studies of large apex predators such as great white sharks and other keystone marine species.

OCEARCH tags and tracks sharks to monitor and study their migratory behaviour. You can follow the Nova Scotia expedition team HERE, and you can download their app to do your own research about our visitors, and where they headed to.