Welcome Home to Pictou Coutny NS Cover Mockup 1

A comprehensive guide to Pictou County is now available, thanks to a community effort to prepare the document.

The 92-page Welcome Home to Pictou County, Nova Scotia – A community guide to the place we call home, is available online, with a limited run of print copies throughout the community. The notion stemmed from the work of Healthy Pictou County, a physician-led effort to attract and retain health care providers and students to the area.

“I really needed something tangible, in one place, that I could send to prospective physicians, other healthcare providers and their families, all over the world,” said Nicole LeBlanc, Project Navigator for Healthy Pictou County. “We’re so proud of this document that showcases all corners of our community, and gives people a good starting point to see what we’re all about. As you’ll see, we have so much to be proud of, and I think that this guide gives us a refreshed appreciation for our home as we have so much to offer.”

Left to right: Jamie Playfair and Barbara Raymont, Advocate Creative Group, Nicole LeBlanc, Healthy Pictou County, Jack Kyte, Pictou County Chamber of Commerce and Sarah Macintosh Wiseman and Heidi Sinclair from the Pictou County Regional Enterprise Network. Missing from photo: Cindy MacKinnon, DEANS

Healthy Pictou County received funding for the project through Communities, Culture and Heritage’s Healthy Communities Fund, and partnered with the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, Destination Eastern and Northumberland Shores (DEANS), and the Pictou County Regional Enterprise Network. The group solicited content from Pictou Landing First Nation, the six municipal units and community organizations, individuals and businesses. The piece was designed by Advocate Creative Group in Stellarton.

The guide is available electronically for anyone who wishes to use it on their websites, or for sending to those relocating to Pictou County.

“It’s wonderful to have a comprehensive place to share what makes our community so special. It’s intended to be a piece to give you basic knowledge, and inspire you to explore further by looking online or visiting places and things here in the community,” said Sarah MacIntosh Wiseman, CEO of the Pictou County REN. “It’s a great resource not only for Nicole’s work in physician recruitment and retention, but also for employee recruitment and retention efforts at large and small businesses, and local efforts to encourage new businesses to relocate to Pictou County.”

The group hopes that people from the area will also find a new appreciation for our community when leafing through the pages. “Even as someone who has lived in Pictou County for over 35 years, I learned something new every time I went through it,” said Jack Kyte, Executive Director of the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce. “From a chamber perspective, it is a wonderful tool for smaller organizations and businesses to showcase our community, and we’re thrilled to have this guide available for all.”

The group worked with local writers, organizations, businesses, experts and people from all over the county to prepare this piece that shows not only those considering or new to our area, but those who have been here a new appreciation for our community.

“How can you read through this and not fall in love with Pictou County, or fall in love again?,” said Cindy MacKinnon, Managing Director, DEANS. “The document is filled from cover to cover with local images from many of our talented local photographers who generously shared their work. The pictures really do help tell the story of what an amazing community we have here.”

The electronic version of the document is available at www.healthypictoucounty.ca, the Chamber, REN and DEANS website, and the electronic booklet is available for anyone in Pictou County who would like to use it. Printed copies will be distributed throughout the community through a limited print run.

For more information contact:
Nicole LeBlanc
Project Navigator for Healthy Pictou County