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It’s helpful when you move to a new community to have an idea of the types of bills you may have, and what to expect.

Water and sewer
Is managed through each municipal unit, with the county relying on well water service.

Electricity and heating
In Nova Scotia, we have one company, Nova Scotia Power, an Emera Company that is our electricity utility. Electric heating is one popular source of heating, in addition to oil and gas heating. There are many local providers for oil and gas, and the source of heating for your home might be something you wish to consider when purchasing or renting a home, as each require their own maintenance, and estimated costs.  

The Nova Scotia Power website also has an outage map, which is an important tool in the winter months, or other times of year where power outages are more likely to occur (ie severe weather).

Waste management
This is managed through Pictou County's Solid Waste, with waste management fees administered through each municipal unit. 

Insurance is required for all drivers in our province, however the types of coverage do vary. In addition, it’s highly recommended that you also secure insurance for your home and your belongings (Referred to as Contents or Tenants Insurance).

Cable and internet
Cable and internet is provided by a variety of providers in our area, the largest being Bell Aliant and Eastlink, and other local options such as Seaside Internet, TNC Wireless and Xplornet. It’s recommended that you do your research to ensure that service can be provided to your area of choice.